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Ever wanted to make your own custom made Dvd case?

I stumbled across a way to take a piece of 8.5×11 paper and fold it into a case. The simplicity of this design is what caught my eye, no glueing or cutting out templates, just folding paper. The original plan called for no cutting, but i wanted to make mine a little fancier by making a neat way of fastening it shut.

The tools you will need for this quick and simple project are:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ Piece of paper
  • An old Dvd
  • Scalpel
  • Pen or a Marker
  • Ruler
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Yarn or Ribbon
  • 1. I used a heavier paper for this project to make the finished product nice and sturdy. Mark the center of the paper on the 8.5 inch edge and place the Dvd with the mark roughly in the middle of the Dvd. Mark on either sides of the Dvd after you have it placed above the center mark. The marks are our guideline as to where to fold the piece of paper.

    2. Fold the piece of paper at these marks. It might help if you use the ruler to measure the distance from the mark to the edge of the paper, and make the same marking on the bottom of the paper so to keep your fold straight. To create a nice solid crease, use the Popsicle stick to put pressure on the paper as you crease the paper.

    3. Now mark the where the bottom of the Dvd sits, and make a straight fold across as shown, taking care to keep it straight.
    (Tip: Align the edges together as you crease your fold)
    After that fold is done, mark where the top of the Dvd sits, and fold that piece over again making sure you make a straight fold. You should now have the cover flap and bottom flap with the Dvd sitting snuggly in the case.

    4. Fold the cover flap down and make a mark on the cover flap where the bottom flap ends. This mark is a guideline as to how far you can fold the corners down. After making those marks fold the cover flap corners down into right triangles making sure you don’t fold past the mark you just make in step #6. Do this to both corners.

    5. Now take your scalpel and cut the inside of the cover flap to a 45 degree angle as shown in the photos below.

    6. Next on the inside of the cover flap mark two boxes, big enough for the yarn to go through, just by the areas you cut in step #8. Lay the cover flap flat, and with your scalpel cut out the two small boxes, take care as to not over cut.

    7. Close the cover flap, and with your pen mark through the cover flap onto the bottom flap as to where the holes will be. After laying the whole case flat, carefully cut the boxes out of the bottom flap, again take care as to not to over cut. After closing the flaps together the two sets of holes should line up.

    8. Take your piece of yarn or string and feed it through the bottom flap holes first. Putting one end through the left side, and having it come back out through the right side. Take the piece of yarn and string it from the inside of the front flap to the outside of the cover flap, and just let the yarn hang though the holes. Pull the yarn tight and bring the cover and bottom flaps together.

    11. Take the yarn and pull it tight as you bring it around the left and right edges of the case so that both ends of the yarn will meet on the front side of the case, cross the two pieces of yarn over each other and bring them over the top and bottom edges of the case. Have the yarn meet together on the back side of the case and knot it so the yarn is holding the case shut tightly.

    12. Now is the time to add some kind of identification on the front and voila! Your very own custom Dvd case.